Needless to Say, it’s been a Bad Morning

I woke up wildly unhappy this morning. My back was aching, the sound of my alarm felt like it was stabbing through my brain, and the sky was as grey as my hair will be after yet another long-as-hell day at work today.

So, I decided to make myself my favourite curry for lunch. I made it, it was amazing, I was starting to feel some sense of happiness again, and then I let it “simmer” while chatting with my mom as I ate my oatmeal. 30 minutes later, I run back into the kitchen to find my curry burnt to a crisp. I proceeded to hold in tears and a burning desire to scream at the top of my lungs, and instead took a deep breath and left my house silently.

At work my pants were uncomfortable, my backache felt like some god is trying to test my ability not to scream in public, and my inbox was filled with questions I honestly didn’t even know the answers to.

SO… Needless to say I was feeling just dandy this morning.

Silver lining? Tomorrow is going to feel freaking fabulous compared to today. I am healthy, I am alive, and I am making money that I will eventually use to move out for grad school. I just need to suck it up until December and get through these days with a smile on my face instead of complaining about it. It’s just more difficult some days than others.

Hope your morning was better than mine.



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Michelle Doyle

Michelle is a recent psychology grad from Toronto, Canada who is planning to pursue Art Therapy. She’s been writing since she picked up her first journal in grade 4, and began her blog in her first year of university. She loves to write short film screenplays, poetry, and fiction, along with painting, vegan cooking, and thrift shopping.

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