Have you ever had one of those mornings. The kind that are the dictionary approved, pop culture recognized definition of a “Monday” even though sometimes it’s not even a Monday?

Have you ever had seemingly everything go wrong in the most ridiculous way and considered pinching yourself because you’re sure the morning is something out of a nightmare?

Have you ever sent the middle finger emoji, the wine emoji, or the x-eyed emoji before 9 am because the Murphy’s Law mentality has already taken root and you’re sending your friends and family an official forfeit of the day?

We have to.

This Terrible Morning is a collection of these terrible, awful and outrageous mornings we’ve all found ourselves in once in a while. It aims to bring together the ridiculous and give light to the hilarious, because we’ve all been there before and we’ll all be there again, and in the meantime we might as well laugh about it.

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This Terrible Morning was founded by writer/blogger Kimberlee Koehn, after she arrived to work one morning with gravel in her knees and the smell of burning trash bag emanating from her car. What should have been a run of the mill Tuesday had gone terrible wrong and it was only 8:00 am. In the hopes of salvaging the rest of the day, she vented the whole thing out a la Microsoft Word until she was able to laugh rather than cry and move on rather than, you know, kill someone. Then, she got an idea. There must be others who’d had mornings like this. Mornings worse than this. Mornings so terribly hilarious that they deserved a trophy or a medal or, at the very least: a home. Thus, she created This Terrible Morning, a collaborative blog designed to share the dawn’s most evil creations.

You can also find Kimberlee on her personal blog, Kimberlee Kon the couch watching Chopped, crying behind a book that’s probably not even sad, occasionally hiking up mountains, yelling at sports bearing television sets, in line at Baskin Robbins, or most commonly, dancing while stuck in traffic.